Idioms: second wind -- see it through

second wind a feeling that your energy is returning as you run In a 10 K race, I usually get my second wind after 15 minutes.
seconds second-rate products, products with flaws For work, I buy seconds - shirts and pants with minor flaws.
seconds second helpings of food, more food on your plate Mom, can we have seconds? This is great apple pudding!
see date, go out with, hang out with Derek is seeing Angie. Aren't they a nice couple?
see a man about a dog go to the bathroom or washroom Excuse me. I have to see a man about a dog.
see eye to eye agree, have similar views or opinions, on the same wavelength Bob and Sue don't see eye to eye on religion. He's an atheist and she's a Christian.
see fit decide it is right, decide it is good I hope you will see fit to approve their request for assistance.
see hide nor hair not see a person because he has gone You won't see hide nor hair of him after he borrows money.
see it coming predict it will happen, sense it will happen I should have seen it coming. Now I know they were planning to dismiss me long before it happened.
see it through work until you finish, follow through If you renovate the kitchen, please see it through. Finish it.
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