Idioms: up to par -- up yours [B]

up to par good enough to pass, up to a standard This woodwork is not up to par. It's below our standard.
up to scratch good enough, up to par The cloth in these jeans is poor quality. It's not up to scratch.
up to snuff good quality, measure up We expect quality photographs - every picture must be up to snuff.
up to something trying to make a deal, planning a joke David is up to something. He has a look of mischief in his eye.
up to speed at normal speed, feeling healthy again Tim's recovered from his surgery but he's not up to speed yet.
up to you your choice, your decision Whether you go or stay is up to you. It's your decision.
up with support it, this is good Millie was waving a flag and shouting, "Up with fluoride!"
up your alley what you like to do, what interests you Sewing - that's right up your alley. It's one of your hobbies.
up your sleeve hidden, ready to use if asked When I write an exam, I like to have a topic up my sleeve.
up yours [B] I hope you have an accident, screw you When she told him to get out of the house, he said, "Up yours!"
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