Idioms: blow chunks -- blow my cover

blow chunks puke, vomit, barf, throw chunks Juan, my boy, if you go for a ride on that Ferris wheel right after dinner, you'll blow chunks!
blow it cause a big mistake, ruin it, screw up Karen won't blow it this time. She'll skate a perfect program.
blow it out of proportion exaggerate it, make it bigger than it should be When Gretzky was traded, the media blew it out of proportion.
blow it out your ear throw it away, it is meaningless or worthless When I asked Jack about the leader's latest statement, he said, "You can blow it out your ear. He's already changed it."
blow it up (photo) enlarge it, magnify it If you want to see details in the photo, blow it up.
blow job [B] (See a blow job)
blow me [B] you are worth nothing, kiss my ass, fuck off "You want me to support you by stealing? Blow me!"
blow me down I am very surprised, I do not believe it Well, blow me down, Olive. You can cook spinach, too!
blow me over it is unbelievable; far out He's over 50? Well, blow me over!
blow my cover reveal my true identity, reveal my hiding place With a false passport, I can enter Bali, if nobody blows my cover.
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