Idioms: a sad sack -- a shogun

a sad sack well-meaning, but unable to accomplish "If you assign this task to Andy, it won't be done. He's a sad sack."
a scandal is brewing an evil story is being told, there are rumors of a scandal A scandal is brewing in the Pacific Ocean. A whale and a shark are living together without a marriage license!
a score to settle an argument to finish, a bone to pick I have a score to settle with him. He owes me a month's rent.
a screw loose a little bit crazy, one brick short... Sometimes I think he has a screw loose - like when he eats paper.
a send-up a mockery or satire, a takeoff on The speaker did a send-up of the way Canadians talk.
a shadow of his former self much lighter than he was before, very thin and weak After twenty years in prison, he was a shadow of his former self.
a sharp tongue a tendency to reply sharply or sarcastically Karly is a beautiful girl, but her sharp tongue may be a problem.
a sharp wit an ability to say funny things at the right time Mr. Mills is 85, but he still has a sharp wit. His mind is quick.
a shitload a lot, a large quantity, make a bundle, tons Ray made a shitload of money at the races - thousands of dollars!
a shogun a powerful business person, a tycoon, a heavyweight Mr. Fuji is a business magnate - a shogun - known for his interest in robots.
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