Idioms: ruddy -- run across

ruddy awful, cotton-picking, darn, friggin I can't find the ruddy light switch! Ouch! Here it is. Now we can see.
ruffle your feathers annoy you, bother you, get your dander up Don't let that insult ruffle your feathers. Don't let it upset you.
rug up dress warmly, bundle up Rug up, my dear. It's winter in Winnipeg!
rule of thumb general rule, guideline The rule of thumb for a resume is Don't exceed two pages.
rule out not allow, not permit, put the kibosh on "How about the right to strike?" "That's been ruled out. They're passing a law against strikes."
rumor has it people say that, through the grapevine Rumor has it you're moving to Tuktoyaktuk. Is that true?
run a red light go through an intersection when the light is red The driver of the stolen car ran a red light and hit a truck.
run a tab charge your purchases, put it on the bill You can run a tab for groceries at my store if you pay every month.
run a tub turn on the tap and fill the bathtub with water When you're finished your bath, will you run a tub for me?
run across discover, happen to see, run into While I was in Vancouver, I ran across an old friend of yours.
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