Idioms: run-in -- run out

run-in argument, fight Doug had a run-in with the boss yesterday. They had an argument.
run interference protect from attack, come between the attacker and the victim We've been running interference for the President all week - people calling and demanding to speak with him about lying under oath.
run into bump, crash into My car slid on the ice and I ran into a mail box - knocked it down.
run into meet by chance, bump into, run across Did you run into anyone you know? See any old friends?
run it by me again tell me again, come again I didn't get the postal code. Would you run that by me again.
run its course go until it stops, take its course We don't have a cure for a cold. It will just have to run its course.
run of the mill average, common, off the shelf It was a run-of-the-mill novel, the story of a man who returns to the place he was born.
run off make copies at a photocopier Please run off extra copies of her resume before the job interview.
run off at the mouth talk a lot, talk when you should be quiet Why do you run off at the mouth and disturb this class?
run out use all, not have enough, run short Dad, we've run out of coffee. Will you make some more?
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