Idioms: get your act together -- get your head together

get your act together become organized, get it together Bill is getting his act together. He's not late anymore.
get your attention cause you to be aware of, catch your eye When Marylou walked by, that got your attention.
get your back up become upset, get mad Tim gets his back up when you criticize his work. Be careful.
get your buns over here come here quickly, on the double Wade, get your buns over here and sign your name.
get your dander up annoy or bother you, bug you Do barking dogs get your dander up? Does barking irritate you?
get your ears pinned back (See ears pinned back)
get your feet wet try to do it, attempt it, try your hand at To become a lawyer, learn the theory; then get your feet wet.
get your goat annoy you, bug you, get to me Don't let Jason get your goat. He teases everybody.
get your head out of the clouds be more realistic, come down to earth, get real You can dream at home, but please get your head out of the clouds when you come to work.
get your head together begin to think clearly, get your act together I need a holiday to get my head together - to think clearly again.
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