Idioms: row of beans -- rube

row of beans (See a hill of beans)
royal pain (see a royal pain)
royal treatment special hospitality, roll out the red carpet We received royal treatment when we visited our relatives in Sweden.
rub elbows work beside, associate with Fran and I used to rub elbows when we worked at the fish plant.
rub salt in the wound cause it to be worse, aggravate, add insult to injury If you criticize a student's work in front of the class, you are rubbing salt in the wound.
rub shoulders with work with, associate with Art dealers rub shoulders with people from all the professions.
rub the wrong way bother, irritate, bug That waiter rubs me the wrong way. He's too impatient.
rubber match final game, showdown Each team has won a game. They play the rubber match today.
rubberneck listen to a conversation on a party (co-op) phone line Grandma used to rubberneck so she could hear the local news.
rube rural man, local yokel Axel Nelson is a rube - a farmer. He doesn't know about city life.
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