Idioms: put the kibosh on -- put too fine a point on

put the kibosh on prevent, stop The manager put the kibosh on our dental plan. He said no.
put the right spin on it say it in a diplomatic way, bafflegab, doctor it, spin doctor Don't say it's lost. Say it's been misplaced. Put the right spin on it!
put them up put your hands up, stick them up The outlaw drew his gun, saying, "Put 'em up, folks, or I'll shoot."
put things in perspective see things as they are, see the actual size A few days after the flood, I was able to put things in perspective.
put to bed (print media) put in a box when it is ready to print The editor always checks the paper before he puts it to bed.
put to death killed, shot, hanged, put down If a soldier deserted the army he was put to death.
put to rest not think or worry about it any more It's time we put to rest our quarrel over Dad's will.
put to shame defeated very badly, feel ashamed of losing Our baseball team was put to shame by the Cubans: 11-0.
put to the test be tested, be challenged Your computer skills will be put to the test in your new position.
put too fine a point on be too precise, split hairs If you want to put too fine a point on it, the color is actually russet.
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