Idioms: pinhead -- piss away [B]

pinhead one who does not use his brain, dipstick "Who broke your glasses?" "Some pinhead sat on them!"
pinko a socialist; one who is not as red as a communist, nor as white as a democrat The pinkos want big business to pay for their social programs.
pinpoint locate the exact place or point, determine the time Lawrence is trying to pinpoint the time of the plane crash.
pins and needles (See on pins and needles)
pipe down do not be so noisy, be quiet, keep it down The teacher opened the door and said, "Pipe down, Grade 7."
pipe dream a dream based on luck, pie in the sky Do you have a pipe dream or a plan? There's a big difference.
pipes voice, carry a tune K.D. Lang has great pipes, eh.
pipsqueak tiny person, weak man, potlicker, wimp Keith was a pipsqueak until he started lifting weights.
pirate steal, take someone else's property, bootleg, rabbit His computer is loaded with pirated games and movies - all stolen.
piss away [B] waste, spend on liquor He pissed away a lot of money when he was an alcoholic.
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