Idioms: Canuck -- carry on

Canuck a Canadian, a citizen of Canada, Johnny Canuck When we visited Montana, a clerk called us "Canucks."
capture the imagination cause a person to imagine a scene or character The story of Jacob Two-Two will capture the kids' imagination.
car buff a person who loves to repair or restore cars Colin has been a car buff ever since he bought his first Ford.
card (See such a card)
card-carrying member a regular member, a person on the membership list Only card-carrying members will be allowed to attend the meeting.
caribouboo a mistake made by a caribou, make a booboo "Why did the caribou get lost?" "He made a caribouboo! Ha ha!"
carry a tune sing well, sing in tune, pipes Ask June to lead the singing. She can carry a tune.
carry it off make it happen, pull it off This project requires planning and skill, but he can carry it off.
carry on continue, keep on Carry on with your game. I'll wait until you're finished.
carry on talk or act silly, not be sensible They were kissing in church. Imagine carrying on like that!
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