Idioms: piddly -- piece of tail [B]

piddly little, small, tiny "What a piddly car!" "Yes. It's a Micra."
piddly-assed [B] (See piddly)
pie-eyed drunk, intoxicated, hammered Byron was pie-eyed when we got to the party. He was drunk, man.
pie in the sky unrealistic, not practical, hairbrain, half-baked When first invented, the car and phone were pie-in-the-sky ideas. Now we have phones in cars.
piece of ass [B] (See a piece of ass)
piece of cake (See a piece of cake)
piece of me (See want a piece of me)
piece of my mind (See a piece of my mind)
piece of piss (See a piece of piss)
piece of tail [B] (See a piece of ass)
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