Idioms: popcorn brain -- pound salt

popcorn brain one who has not learned to think, an airhead When I forgot my phone number they called me popcorn brain.
pope's nose (See the pope's nose)
positive certain, very sure, dead certain Are you positive it was Ming? Do you know for sure it was him?
pot marijuana tobacco, reefer The room smelled of tobacco, like someone had been smoking pot.
pot calling the kettle black a guilty person accusing another guilty person When thief accuses robber, it's the pot calling the kettle black.
pot of gold a fortune, a lot of money Izzy believes there's a pot of gold buried in every acre he buys.
potato sack loose fitting jacket or clothing Potato sack looks good on Ken. Baggy clothes suit him.
potlicker little person, small competitor; originally a dog or other pet George - that potlicker! I can beat him with my little finger!
pound of flesh revenge, an eye for an eye For that insult, Simon will get revenge - his pound of flesh.
pound salt leave, go, take off If you don't want to play by our rules, you can pound salt, man!
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