Idioms: on parade -- on side

on parade walking in a parade, displaying When Jack's on parade, he marches straight and tall.
on parole still supervised, not free of prison He's on parole now. He can leave the prison during the day.
on pins and needles waiting anxiously, worried Mom will be on pins and needles until we arrive. She'll be worried.
on probation becoming a permanent employee, proby As an employee on probation, you will be learning new skills.
on purpose for a reason, intentional Did she drop her glove on purpose - so he would find it?
on queer street dizzy or stunned, not acting normal After he hit me I felt like I was on queer street - I was dazed.
on schedule within the dates on the plan, on target They arrived on Mars on June 11, which means they're on schedule.
on shaky ground missing a proper foundation, prone to fail "If you don't start learning for your next exam now, you'll be on shaky ground."
on short notice without much warning, at a moment's notice Can you come to work on short notice? Within a day or two?
on side for our side, supporting our group In order to have a majority, we need to bring the clerks on side.
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