Idioms: perfect stranger -- phone-in

perfect stranger (See a perfect stranger)
perk up show interest or enthusiasm When we mention girls, he perks up. His eyes sparkle.
pernickety/persnickety fussy, critical of details, perfectionistic When Dale was teenager, he was pernickety about his hair.
pet touch intimately, kiss and caress Petting is a prelude to sex. It is the touch of passion.
peter out gradually lose power, reduce, run out After 6, sales began to peter out. We had fewer customers.
petrified very frightened, scared stiff Gigi was petrified when a spider crawled up her leg.
phase me (See faze me)
phase me out (See it phased me out)
phat pretty hot and tempting, nice, cool Hey, phat wheels! The WRX is a cool car.
phone-in a radio/TV show that invites phone calls The topic for the phone-in show was Animal Rights.
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