Idioms: the one that got away -- the pope's nose

the one that got away the fish that got away, the friend you lost Have I told you about the one that got away? Her name was Lana.
the past is slipping by without a trace in order to have a significant past we need to create a significant present; the present is the past and vice versa If you are dissatisfied with your life, it is because you are a spectator, not a player, and the past is slipping by without a trace!
the Peter Principle people are promoted to a job they cannot do well Our store manager is an example of the Peter Principle. He's hopeless!
the pick of the litter the best pup/kitten/cub of the litter, (compare) the runt of the litter In the Bentley family, Max was the pick of the litter. At least he was the best hockey player.
the picture of health looking very healthy, fit as a fiddle Rick looks very well these days. He's the picture of health.
the pill a contraceptive pill, a contraceptive drug Bev has religious reasons for not taking the pill.
the pit of my stomach bottom of my stomach, deep in my belly From the pit of my stomach came a growling sound. I was hungry.
the pits poor quality, not good value The music was the pits. The violins played badly.
the point of no return a time when it is too late to stop or turn back, change horses in... Our offer to purchase the business has been accepted. We've reached the point of no return.
the pope's nose the tail of a roasted chicken The pope's nose is too greasy. I prefer a piece of breast meat.
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