Idioms: pick up the pace -- picture-perfect

pick up the pace go a little faster, step on it We're walking rather slowly. Can we pick up the pace?
pick up the pieces put together again, mend After her husband died, she tried to pick up the pieces of her life.
pick up the tab pay the bill, pay the shot Who picked up the tab for the hotel rooms? Who paid?
pick you up give you a ride in a car, give you a lift (see give me a lift) I'll pick you up at 6:45 and we'll drive to the mall.
pick you up make you feel better, make you happy or natural high Here, have a cup of tea. That will pick you up.
pick your brains learn what you know, ask you questions Maria wants to pick your brains about Freud and Jung. She wants to ask you what you know about them.
pick yourself up do not quit, persevere, roll with the punches Don't let a failure stop you. Pick yourself up and try again.
picky fussy, looking for the perfect one Don't be so picky, Dennis. Just choose a candy and eat it.
picture is worth a thousand words (See a picture is worth a thousand words)
picture-perfect perfectly made or performed, excellent, letter-perfect Olga's performance on the balance beam was picture-perfect!
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