Idioms: booze -- bottom fell out

booze liquor, hooch, moonshine I think Gus has been drinking. His breath smells of booze.
boozing buddies friends who drink liquor and party together In those days, Billy and I were boozin' buddies - pals.
born tired tired since birth, always tired My dad says I was born tired. When the doctor slapped my bum, I just yawned!
born with a silver spoon in his mouth born into a rich family, accustomed to wealth Jason won't look for a job; he was born with a silver spoon... .
bosom buddy close friends, friends who grew up together Don't criticize Brad, eh. He's my bosom buddy.
botch it ruin it, do it wrong, blow it When you bake bread for the first time, it's easy to botch it.
bottle drive going to houses asking for pop and liquor bottles The bottle drive was a success. The girls earned $350.
bottle man a man who finds bottles in garbage cans or Dumpsters The bottle man walked down the alley pushing a cart full of junk.
bottle up not talk about, keep in your mind Don't keep all those feelings bottled up inside you. Talk!
bottom fell out (See the bottom fell out)
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