Idioms: let go of -- let one

let go of release, allow to be free, part with Please let go of my hand now. I want to leave.
let her rip release or start suddenly, go with full power When you want him to dump the load, just say, "Let 'er rip!"
let it all hang out relax, be natural When we go camping, we let it all hang out. We really relax.
let it be leave it alone, do not touch it When a cat is sick, let it be. Don't pet it or pick it up.
let it go to your head become too proud, have a swelled head So you won the golf tournament. Don't let it go to your head.
let me have it tell me, do not wait to tell me If you want to criticize my work, go ahead. Let me have it.
let off not have to pay or do, get off Kyle was involved in the crime, but they let him off.
let off steam express concern, sound off Hec is letting off steam again. He wants to save the wolves.
let on show, say, reveal, let others believe Don't let on that you know me. Our friendship will be a secret.
let one (See let a fart)
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