Idioms: kick a habit -- kick the bucket

kick a habit stop a habit, shake a habit A person needs discipline to kick a habit like drinking.
kick ass [B] scold, lecture, give you hell The coach will kick ass if we don't go to practice.
kick ass proves it is best, shows superior quality, kick some ass This cd kicks ass, man! Even Jimmy would say it rocks!
kick at the cat a turn, a try, have a go It's your kick at the cat. See if you can solve the puzzle.
kick back relax, sit back and put your feet up I'm going to kick back on the deck for a couple of hours.
kick butt defeat badly, blow them away The Cougars beat us last week. Let's kick their butt tonight!
kick myself be angry at myself, regret my choice I could kick myself for selling that car. I wish I hadn't sold it.
kick some ass win, beat the other team, show them who is the best The captain of our team said, "Let's go out there and kick some ass!"
kick start use battery cables to start a car, jump start The battery was dead so we got a tow truck to kick start our car.
kick the bucket die, buy the farm, pass away Charlie finally kicked the bucket. He had cancer, you know.
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