Idioms: paint a picture -- part and parcel

paint a picture describe in detail, portray with words The speaker painted a picture of a ghetto with kids on the streets.
paint the town red have a party downtown, go out on the town During the carnival they paint the town red - have a great time.
paint with the same brush include in the same group, generalize He was with the gang, but can we paint him with the same brush?
pair off/pair up find a partner, organize people in two's The coach asked us to pair off and practise passing the ball to each other.
pale by comparison is not as good, is not as beautiful or talented Most European parks pale by comparison to Banff.
paltry sum (See a paltry sum)
pan out succeed, go as planned, work out Blair's ideas usually pan out. His suggestions are practical.
parachute to lose a job and be given another, to land in a safe position when your position is in danger, Bob's your uncle A vice-president in trouble can parachute to one of several positions, or the board can create a position!
pardon me what did you say? please repeat it Pardon me? Did you say you grew up in Hong Kong?
part and parcel the same as, similar, one and the same Socialism and communism are part and parcel of the same thing.
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