Idioms: hand me down -- handout

hand me down clothes that belonged to an older family member Bobby said he's tired of wearing hand-me-down clothes.
hand out give to the class or audience, pass around Cory, please hand out the song books - one to each member.
hand over give them to me, fork over Hand over the keys to the safe - give them to me now!
hand over fist as fast as possible, one after the other The T-shirts are selling hand over fist. Everybody wants one.
hand to mouth (See from hand to mouth)
hand you a line tell you a false story, give you a line Some politicians try to hand you a line about how busy they are.
handful (See a handful)
handle herself protect herself, been around Dolly has worked with men before. She can handle herself.
handout page of information for students If you want to know more about Brazil, read the handout.
handout (See a handout)
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