Idioms: nervous breakdown -- new legs

nervous breakdown (See breakdown)
nest egg money for retirement, life savings After selling the farm, they had their nest egg - about $200,000.
Net surfer a person who frequently uses the Internet Lisa is a Net surfer. She can help you get on the Internet.
Netwar an attack on computer systems via the Internet, terrorist attacks on the Net After 9-11, the fear is Netwar. How do we defend against attacks on computer systems that control a city's water and electricity?
never mind do not bother to do it, do not worry, forget it Will you help me find an idiom? Never mind. I found it.
never say die never quit, never give up Set your goals and try to achieve them. Work hard. Never say die.
new blood different person, someone with new ideas Armid retired because he feels the company needs new blood.
new kid on the block new person in the office or in the class etc. I'm the new kid on the block. I come from Portugal.
new lease on life (See a new lease on life)
new legs young runners or players, rested players The Geritols have a lot of old players. They need new legs.
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