Idioms: even keel -- everything old is new again

even keel (See keep an even keel)
even so regardless, no matter "He doesn't need the money." "Even so, I must repay the loan."
even-steven equal work or achievement, evenly matched After one lap, Karim and I were even-steven. We were tied.
even up equal parts, equal pieces for each person They split the profits even up - 50% to each partner.
every cloud has a silver lining every bad thing has its perks, bad luck is never entirely bad Mark missed his bus, but when he came in late he found that the class had written a math test.
every trick in the book every method or device, every way of doing it If you want to find boys, Keiko knows every trick in the book.
every walk of life every occupation, all lifestyles People from every walk of life attend our church.
everything but the kitchen sink almost everything, the whole works We put everything in his truck, everything but the kitchen sink!
everything from soup to nuts a lot of food or things, a variety of groceries His shopping cart was full. He had everything from soup to nuts.
everything old is new again fashions and trends are repeated or revived Hey, if miniskirts are back, everything old is new again!
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