Idioms: you need money to make money -- young at heart

you need money to make money you have to spend money to make a profit, nothing succeeds like... If I had money, I would invest in real estate. It's true that you need money to make money.
you reap whatsoever you sow you will see the long-term effects of your actions, chickens come home... Youthful passion can produce a lifetime of consequences. We reap whatsoever we sow.
you snooze, you lose if you are not alert you will lose an opportunity, seize the opportunity Store clerks sometimes charge too much for a product. If you snooze, you lose.
you're full of it [B] you are a liar, you are full of shit [B] If you think I'm joining that cult, you're full of it.
you're kidding you are joking, you are not serious You're kidding. Jen wouldn't take off her clothes and climb a tree.
you're not kidding/ you aren't kidding you are right, you are not joking "It's really cold today," Jen said. "You aren't kidding!" he replied.
you're on you have a deal, you have a date When she suggested they go out for dinner, he said, "You're on."
you're only as good as your last shift you are judged by your most recent work, don't rest on your laurels If you believe that you're only as good as your last shift, you should do your best every day.
you've got to be kidding you must be telling me a joke, get out of town, you're kidding "The manager wants me to give him a massage every afternoon." "You've got to be kidding!"
young at heart feeling or thinking that you are young, youthful Sarah is over sixty, but she's young at heart.
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