Idioms: find fault -- finger

find fault look for faults and mistakes, criticize I don't want to be around a guy who is always finding fault.
find my tongue think of something to say, think of a reply When she told me she had AIDS, I couldn't find my tongue.
find out discover, learn We found out he was a member of a cult. His sister told us.
find your voice discover your personal style Write, write, write until you find your voice - your own style.
find your way find the correct path or road A bus driver will help you find your way. Ask for directions.
find yourself be surprised by what happens to you If I don't brush my teeth, I may find myself without friends.
fine-feathered friend nice-looking friend, dear friend, old acquaintance Now, my fine-feathered friend, tell me the story of your escape.
fine-toothed comb (See a fine-toothed comb)
fine-tune cause it to work very well, cause it to run smoothly Sandro fine-tuned my Peugeot. Now it purrs like a kitten.
finger accuse, blame He was fingered for the crime, but he didn't steal anything.
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