Idioms: anchor you -- any way you slice it

anchor you make you feel stable or confident When you have a crisis, your faith will anchor you.
and how very much The kids love pizza - and how!
and stuff and other things or activities, et cetera We were watchin' TV an' stuff, just hangin' out.
and that's that that is final, that is the way it will be done You will be home by 10 p.m., and that's that!
and then some with lots to spare, plus a few more We invited everybody in town - and then some!
angels fear to tread (See where angels fear to tread)
another nail in your coffin another cigarette; harmful substance Every cigarette he smoked was another nail in his coffin.
ante up put some money in the center of the table As the dealer shuffled the cards, he said, "Ante up, boys."
any old thing any word, any answer When the teacher asks him a question, he says any old thing.
any way you slice it (See no matter how you slice it)
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