Idioms: zap -- zonked

zap heat in the microwave oven, nuke I zapped my hotdog. It was ready in 30 seconds!
zig when you should zag move the wrong way, move left instead of right I had an accident because I zigged when I should've zagged.
zilch zero, none, nothing, diddly-squat, nada, zip "How much did you win?" "Zilch. Not a penny."
zinger strong statement, sarcastic words, get off a few good ones Randi says kind things, except for the occasional zinger. Like today, she called Tom a beast.
zip close, shut tight Mom told me to zip my lips while the preacher is talking.
zip go quickly, run After we deliver the flowers we can zip over to the bank.
zip/zippo nothing, zero, nada The Smiths have paid nothing on their account - zippo.
zipperhead business person, administrator What musicians hate is to have a zipperhead controlling the arts.
zit pimple, blemish I'm not going to the party because I have zits on my face.
zonked tired, exhausted, falling asleep After playing soccer in the park, I needed a rest. I was zonked.
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