Idioms: Murphy's Law -- my old man

Murphy's Law "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." it never fails Have you planned for failure? Remember, Murphy's Law applies to all projects.
muscle in force yourself between two people He didn't want to go to the end of the line, so he tried to muscle in.
music to my ears good news, a message that makes me happy When she called my name, it was music to my ears.
musical chairs a game in which each player must find a chair when the music stops (there are more players than chairs), play musical chairs "At my birthday party can we play a game of musical chairs?" "Yes, dear."
must (See a must)
my ass I doubt it, that is not true "It's our right to own a gun." "My ass! It's a privilege!"
my eye I do not believe it, that did not happen You ate fifteen blueberry pies? My eye!
my old man my husband, my man My old man is babysitting while I have a weekend holiday!
my old man my father, my dad My old man gets mad if I don't come right home from school.
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