Idioms: the moment of truth -- the once-over

the moment of truth the time when you receive a very important message The moment of truth has arrived. My grades are in this envelope.
the more the merrier if more people come, we will have a better party Tell everybody the party's at my place - the more the merrier!
the most the greatest, the best etc., way cool You are the most, man. You paint great stuff - like it's real!
the naked eye without binoculars or field glasses We can see Mars with the naked eye. We don't need a telescope.
the nitty-gritty very important matters, the crunch The nitty-gritty of an election is the vote itself - the numbers!
the odd one one of a few remaining, few and far between "Do you ever see any buffalo?" "Oh, the odd one."
the odds-on favorite the one who is favored to win, the one to bet on Orlando was the odds-on favorite but they lost the series.
the old college try a good effort, trying hard like a college student Let's give it the old college try, boys. We can win this boat race!
the old man father or husband, my old man Jenny said, "I'll ask the old man if I can use the car."
the once-over (See give it the once-over)
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