Idioms: clear your head/mind -- clotheslined (hockey)

clear your head/mind relax so you can think clearly After an argument I need time to clear my head, to become calm.
click in become aware, realize, dawn on, hit me It didn't click in that he was hurt until I saw the blood on his shirt.
cliff-hanger (See a cliff-hanger)
climb the walls feel upset or stressed, go bonkers, go crazy On the first day of school, the teacher was climbing the walls.
close a deal/sale complete a sale to a customer Vi knows how to close a sale. She's a good closer.
close call (See a close call)
close shave (See a close shave)
close to the vest hidden, covered, not showing your cards Walter plays close to the vest. He doesn't let me see his cards.
closer (See wheeler-dealer)
clotheslined (hockey) lifted by a bodycheck, hanging over the checker or the boards Orr was clotheslined just as he crossed the line. What a check!
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