Idioms: pig -- pin down/pin him down

pig police, cop, flatfoot, fuzz Rocky says, "There was pigs on every corner. We couldn't move."
pig in a poke (See a pig in a poke)
pig out eat a lot, fill your face Then we went to the Dairy Queen and pigged out on soft ice cream.
piggy bank glass or porcelain pig used for saving coins The little girl was counting the money in her piggy bank.
piggyback carried on someone's back, riding on someone's back Jurgen loved to ride piggyback when his dad walked in the park.
piggyback succeed on the efforts of others A catering firm piggybacked to success on United Airlines.
pill (See the pill)
pilot project the model or prototype, trial run This solar generator is our pilot project. If it's successful we'll learn from it and build more.
pimple pole youth with pimples, teenager with zits Hey, pimple pole! You left your locker door open.
pin down/pin him down get a direct answer, obtain the facts Jed won't answer my questions. He's difficult to pin down.
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