Idioms: patch things up -- pay in kind

patch things up agree to stop fighting, become friends again Jon and May fight a lot, but they patch things up and go on.
paths will cross (See cross paths)
pave the way make it easier to do, prepare a path A $5000 scholarship paved the way for her career in medicine.
pay a compliment say nice things about, say you did a good job Tony paid you a compliment, Rita. He said you have a lovely garden.
pay a visit go to visit someone, drop over I must pay her a visit. I want to see her before we move.
pay attention watch and listen, listen up Pay attention to my words. Please listen carefully.
pay back repay, return money that was borrowed He said he would pay back every cent he borrowed from us.
pay down pay more, pay off Interest rates are high, so let's pay down our mortgage.
pay him back do what he did to you, get revenge Sally paid Harry back by going on a date with Jim.
pay in kind (See repay in kind)
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