Idioms: a lady-killer -- a little steep

a lady-killer handsome man; a man who charms the ladies; hunk "Liam Neeson! He's gorgeous!" she said. "What a lady-killer!"
a leg up a start, a beginning, the first leg If I take a night class, I'll have a leg up on my diploma.
a level playing field a place where everyone has an equal chance, level the playing field A level playing field includes equal pay for equal work for all men and women.
a lick and a promise a hasty plan, a quick cleanup, give it the once-over We don't have time to do a thorough cleaning. We'll just give it a lick and a promise.
a lift energy, a positive feeling, a shot in the arm When I need a lift, I watch Oprah. She makes me feel good.
a little bird told me someone told me, one of your friends told me "How did you know that I play chess?" "Oh, a little bird told me."
a little hair off the dog (See hair off the dog)
a little off not quite sane, a bit crazy, one brick short... When Clem started eating grass, we knew he was a little off.
a little off not quite centered, not level The picture above the table is a little off. Let's straighten it.
a little steep a little high in price, too much money to pay I'd like to buy that leather coat but the price is a little steep.
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