Idioms: takes one to know one -- talk it over

takes one to know one (See it takes one to know one)
takes two to tango (See it takes two to tango)
talk a mile a minute talk fast, talk quickly Mimi talks a mile a minute. It's hard to understand her.
talk about if we are talking about, if you want to discuss Talk about cold! Last winter it was -43°
talk away continue talking, talk and talk The baby was talking away, but no one could understand her.
talk back reply without respect, lip off In China, kids don't talk back to their parents, do they?
talk big brag, exaggerate, promise a lot Bert talks big before a game. He's more humble afterwards.
talk into persuade, convince Try to talk him into buying a new car. His Fiat is rusty.
talk is cheap talk is not action, saying is easier than doing He says he's going to pay his debt, but talk is cheap.
talk it over discuss it, hash it over I don't agree with you, but let's talk it over before we decide.
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