Idioms: slip away -- slow as a dead snail

slip away die, pass away Grandma slipped away during the night. She was gone by morning.
slip of the tongue (See a slip of the tongue)
slip out leave quietly, slip away I'll slip out and check the parking meter. Be right back.
slip out speak carelessly, say it without thinking I didn't mean to answer, Sir. The words just slipped out.
slip up cause a small mistake, make a booboo The singer didn't slip up once - not even a little mistake.
slip your mind forget, not remember I met her at church last Sunday but her name slips my mind.
slippery slope dangerous path, a path that leads to problems When you assume that people are bad, you are on a slippery slope.
slo mo slow motion, movement becomes slower, time stands still Are you in slo mo today? You're moving like a snail!
sloshed to the gills very drunk, loaded, plastered, She was sloshed to the gills and singing very badly.
slow as a dead snail (See as slow as a dead snail)
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