Idioms: act up -- against the grain

act up misbehave, do bad things She said that Kim was acting up at church - making noise.
act up not work right, give pain or problems My stomach is acting up today. I don't feel well.
actions speak louder than words people judge by actions more than words, practice what you preach Parents should remember that actions speak louder than words. Kids imitate their parents.
ad lib (ad libitum) improvise, create, at will, off the cuff After I learn the melody I like to ad lib. I play what I hear in my head.
add fuel to the fire cause more anger, aggravate a problem He's angry. Telling him bad news will add fuel to the fire.
add insult to injury add another negative, make it worse, put your foot in it If you say his answer is wrong, and then say he can't understand, you've added insult to injury.
afraid so sorry, but it is true; believe me, yeppers "Did he spend all of our money?" "Yes, 'fraid so."
after all after you consider all the facts, to be fair Will you help me with English? After all, I helped you with math.
against all odds not likely to happen, a slim chance Against all odds - poor weather, student pilot - we landed safely.
against the grain against the natural way, rub the wrong way Some words go against the grain. Their spellings aren't natural.
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