Idioms: powers that be -- press charges

powers that be (See the powers that be)
practice what you preach do what you say people should do If you want to hear truth, tell the truth. Practice what you preach.
prairie oyster the testicle of a young bull or bull calf Do you believe that some folks in Alberta eat prairie oysters?
praise him to the skies praise him a lot, sing his praises Wade is an excellent student. His teachers praise him to the skies.
pre-menstrual syndrome emotional crises the week before menstruation, pms Judy says pms causes most of her personal problems.
preach to the choir/preach to the converted tell people who already know the message, talk to the wrong audience, When I complained to the class about students who were absent, Ed reminded me that I was preaching to the choir!
prepare like crazy prepare thoroughly, be ready for an event or test Before I go to a job interview I prepare like crazy.
preppy a youth who wears trendy clothes, clean cut Brad is a preppy. He wears Polo sweaters and drives a Celica.
presence of mind ability to think clearly and act appropriately, cool under pressure When the bear charged the car, Jill had the presence of mind to sound the burglar alarm.
press charges ask the police to charge someone with a crime The police asked her if she wanted to press charges against the thief.
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