Idioms: age before beauty -- airy-fairy

age before beauty the older person should be allowed to enter first "Age before beauty," she said as she opened the door for me.
age of majority the age when you can vote, come of age Dad said that when I reach the age of majority I can buy my own car!
ahead of the curve having a higher grade, having better performance In sales, we're a little ahead of the curve. But in service, we suck!
the bell curve - a line graph of test scores
ahead of the game finished your work, paid all the bills, caught up With all these expenses, we can't seem to get ahead of the game.
ain't isn't, is not; aren't, are not "It ain't easy being green," said the frog.
ain't half-bad is quite good, is not bad, is okay Hey, this pizza ain't half-bad. I kinda like it.
air rage angry or violent passengers on an airplane The man struck one of the attendants. It was air rage.
air was blue (See the air was blue)
airhead (See an airhead)
airy-fairy not real, impractical, pie in the sky Sell flying saucers to little gray people? That's too airy-fairy for me!
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