Idioms: a shoo-in -- a slip of the tongue

a shoo-in the person/horse/team that is certain to win, a sure thing Ralph's a shoo-in to win the next election. He'll win easily.
a short one a small drink, a small amount of liquor "Can I pour you a drink?" "Yes. A short one, please."
a shot in the arm energy, encouragement, a lift Billy Graham's sermon was inspiring - a shot in the arm.
a shot in the dark a wild guess, a try, hazard a guess His answer was incorrect. It was a shot in the dark.
a sick building a building with polluted air or insufficient oxygen This is a sick building. The air contains toxic fumes.
a sight for sore eyes something or someone you are happy to see Well, my friend, you are a sight for sore eyes. Good to see you!
a silver spoon... (See born with a silver spoon in his mouth)
a sitting duck an easy target, a person who is easy to deceive The old lady was a sitting duck for the salesman. It was an easy sale.
a slim chance very little chance, not likely to happen "Is it going to rain today?" "Maybe. There's a slim chance."
a slip of the tongue a spoken error or mistake, a word that slips out I said brew instead of blue. It was a slip of the tongue.
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