Idioms: make it -- make mention

make it go or come, attend Can you make it tonight? Can you come to the meeting?
make it better improve it, help it When a child is hurt, sympathy will help to make it better.
make it big succeed, be one of the best Roch made it big as a singer. He's very successful.
make it snappy be quick, hurry up I'll have a Coke, please, and make it snappy!
make it worse hinder, cause it to be worse Stepping on the brakes will only make it worse. The car will skid.
make light of make a joke about, make fun of I was hurt when you made light of my poem. You laughed at it.
make love embrace in a loving way and have intercourse I can't describe how I feel when we make love. It's breathtaking!
make me do it cause me to act, force me to do it I didn't want to steal the watch. The devil made me do it.
make me sick/mad etc. cause me to feel sick or mad etc. It makes me sick the way he talks about war all the time.
make mention talk about, bring up No one made mention of his research - not one word!
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