Idioms: ya -- yikes

ya yes, yep, yo, uh-uh "Did you graduate from high school?" "Ya. I got a diploma."
yada idle talk, chatter, yak He's always talking - yada, yada!
yak talk a lot, visit, a chin wag When I went to bed, Kate and Mom were still yakking away about the children.
yawner (See a yawner)
yellow lacking courage, afraid to defend, chicken Some fans think he's yellow because he doesn't fight.
yellow belly a coward, a person who is afraid to do something Smith, you yellow belly! Jump in the water and swim!
yeow oh, wow, yikes Yeow! That stove is hot!
yep yes, uh-huh, ya, yo "Do you like country music?" "Yep. I like the hurtin' songs."
yeppers yes, afraid so, uh-huh, ya, yo "Do I have to come home by 9?" "Yeppers, that's what we agreed."
yikes oh,gee, gosh, yeow Yikes! There's a spider on me!
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