Idioms: jerk me around -- Joe Who

jerk me around not be honest with me, jack me around Don't jerk me around. I want to know if you've seen my child.
jerk off [B] masturbate, pull your wire [B] "If jerking off is a sin, I know a lot of sinners," said the old man.
jewels (See the family jewels)
jig is up (See the jig's up)
jim dandy (See a jim dandy)
jimminy crickets geez, gosh, holy cow Jimminy crickets, it was hot! It was 39 degrees Celsius!
jive ass [B] one who tries to look cool, show-off, show-off What a jive ass! Give him a mic, and he thinks he's Elvis.
jock athlete, student who plays on school teams Doug is a jock - he plays golf and baseball.
joe-job a routine task, a chore that nobody wants to do, gofer If you're the junior employee, you'll have to do the joe-jobs.
Joe Who Joe Clark - a Canadian politician When was Joe Who the Prime Minister of Canada? 1979?
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