Idioms: the eye of the storm -- the gift of the gab (the gift of gab)

the eye of the storm the center of the storm, the middle of the storm The eye of the storm is directly over Lake Simcoe.
the F-word fuck [B], friggin Mommy, Mommy! Charles said the F-word!
the family jewels the male genitals (the source of future progeny) Sure I wear a jockstrap - to protect the family jewels!
the fat hit the fire the trouble got worse, people began fighting Kate accused Maude of lying - that's when the fat hit the fire.
the fickle finger of fate the chances in life, the way life changes unpredictably, that's life Our lives were saved because a dog barked. We were saved by the fickle finger of fate.
the fifth column the column in a newspaper that tells about the media The fifth column often comments on the need for fair reporting.
the first leg the first part (of a journey), a leg up The first leg will take us to Paris. Then we'll go on to Rome.
the first pancake is always spoiled the first attempt or product is usually a failure When Mr. Putin heard about the problems in the Olympics under the new president, he said, "The first pancake is always spoiled!"
the full Monty fully nude, completely naked, stark naked, strip "Should I take off all my clothes?" "Yes, we want the full Monty!"
the gift of the gab (the gift of gab) the ability to talk, a way with words Bev can speak to the parents. She has the gift of the gab.
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