Idioms: go with the flow -- going gets rough

go with the flow do what others do, do what helps everybody Don't always try to be different. Go with the flow sometimes.
go without not have any, not have money, do without When Dad lost his job, we had go without steak.
go wrong choose wrong answers, make a mistake Where did we go wrong with our budget? Did we miscalculate?
god awful ugly, shabby I won't wear that god-awful suit! It looks like a garbage bag!
God bless the Duke of Argyle something to say when scratching your back Oh, that feels good! God bless the Duke of Argyle!
God rest his soul (See rest his soul)
gofer the employee who must go for supplies, mail, coffee, etc., "Are you the gofer in this office?" "Ya, I gofer this and I gofer that, and soon I'm gonna gofer a holiday! Ha ha!"
going concern (See a going concern)
going down (See what's going down)
going gets rough (See the going gets rough)
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