Idioms: a hothead -- a kept woman

a hothead a person who gets angry easily; hot tempered Phil, don't be such a hothead. Try to control your anger.
a hotshot a person who displays; show-off, showboat What a hotshot he is - showing everybody his new car.
a household name a name everyone knows; name of a famous person Mario Lemieux, the hockey star, soon became a household name.
a howling blizzard a very bad snowstorm, a winter storm A howling blizzard delayed us. It was snowing and blowing.
a humdinger a beautiful car etc. a well-designed product Dad, you should see this coupe. It's a humdinger!
a into g (See ass into gear)
a jim dandy a fine piece of work, a beautiful object Mom, you should just see this saddle. It's a jim dandy!
a.k.a. (aka) also known as, alias, go by the name of William O'Connor - a.k.a. Wil, Willie, Billy Boy - was born in Ireland.
a keeper something you want to keep for a long time "Do you like my leather jacket?" "Ya, man. It's a keeper!"
a kept woman a woman who is paid to live with a man I'm tired of being a kept woman. I want to be free of him.
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