Idioms: jog your memory -- joke around

jog your memory do or say something to help you remember This photo of your dog may jog your memories of the old days.
john (See the john)
John Hancock signature, signed name Now, Michael, all we need is your John Hancock right here, on the dotted line.
John Henry signature, signed name To give you a refund, we need your John Henry on this form.
Johnny Canuck Canadian soldier, Canuck We'll send Johnny Canuck in first, then our tanks.
Johnny-come-lately a man who has not lived or worked there very long "Who is she going with now?" "Oh, some Johnny-come-lately."
Johnny on the spot being ready to help, being there when needed When I need a ride, you're always here - Johnny on the spot.
join up enrol, enlist, sign up The Army needed volunteers, so Milo joined up.
join you meet you, catch up with you You go to the game directly from work. I'll join you at the arena.
joke around play and tell jokes, fool around They were joking around after class - rapping and laughing.
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