Idioms: pull up your socks -- puppy love

pull up your socks do better, improve He'll have to pull up his socks in math - if he wants to pass.
pull your chain ask you what you think, ask for your opinion If we want your opinion we'll pull your chain. We'll ask you.
pull your leg fool you, tell you a false story as a joke If he said Canada has a tropical climate, he was pulling your leg.
pull your weight do your job, do your share of the work If we all pull our weight - do our share - we can achieve our goals.
pull your wire [B] masturbate, jerk off [B] "Why do you pull your wire?" "Because it feels good."
pull yourself together control your sadness, get a grip on yourself It's difficult to pull yourself together after a divorce.
pumped/pumped up excited about performing, ready to play John's pumped for today's game. He really wants to play.
punch your lights out hit you, knock you down, knock you out If you try to kiss my girlfriend I'll punch your lights out.
puppy a name for someone or something familiar Your old Honda? Don't sell that puppy. It's a keeper.
puppy love young love, love between children or teenagers Puppy love is sweet, but it's just a step on the path to mature love.
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