Idioms: hungover -- hyah

hungover having a headache after drinking liquor, hangover The next day he was hungover, so he rested and drank coffee.
hungry thirties (See dirty thirties)
hunk a gorgeous man, a very attractive male Matty thinks Robert Redford is a hunk. She dreams about him.
hunker down get ready to lift or work, prepare to make an effort To achieve our sales goals, we all have to hunker down.
hurl vomit, puke, barf, hork, woof your cookies After eating two raw eggs, she hurled - all over my sheepskin!
hurry up do it quickly, make it snappy Hurry up with the dishes. We want you to play cards with us.
hurt my feelings make me feel sad, offend me You hurt my feelings when you said I waddle like a duck.
hush up do not talk, be quiet, keep quiet "Mommy, there's the man who kissed you!" "Hush up, child."
hushed up not talked about, keep a secret In the 1950s, if a teen-age girl got pregnant, it was hushed up.
hyah hello, hi, hi there Hyah, Bill. What's new with you?
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