Idioms: how so -- hump day

how so explain how, how come When I told him the game was canceled, he said, "How so?"
how time flies how quickly time passes, how short the time seems How time flies when I visit you. The hours pass too quickly.
how you hold your... (See the way you hold your mouth)
how's that again what did you say? come again When Grandpa doesn't hear me, he says, "How's that again?"
how's tricks is life okay? are you learning new skills? When Andy sees me, he always says, "How's tricks?"
howdy hello, good day, how do you do The old cowboy says, "Howdy, ma'am," when he meets a lady.
huh what did you say? pardon? "Did you wash your ears?" "Huh?"
humdinger (See a humdinger)
humongous huge, very large My uncle has this humongous dog. It's as big as a calf!
hump day Wednesday, the middle of the work week, over the hump Brian says if you can get through hump day, the rest of the week is easy.
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